You ever get the feeling your friends play dead?

Meet Jamie: A 24 year old just looking for a genuine connection, who is fed up with her friends Shelly and Tanya because they are two-faced social media gurus. Through a series of deeply troubling relationship mishaps, she ends up making “new” friends. These lifeless pals she forcefully befriends try to cheer her up in a world that brings her misfortune!

• Megan Galloway as Jamie.
• Andrew Wu as Logan.
• Lynda Wilson as Janet.
• Dominic Fitzgerald as Jogger Guy.
• Jan Soriano as Tarn.
• Jessica Worboys as Shelly.
• Jacob Hurney as Waiter.

• Adelina Flaherty: Director.
• James Diep: Producer & Assistant Director.
• David Hukka: Scriptwriter.
• William Chen Greentree: Director of Photography.
• Jacob Hurney: Editor, Sound Operator, & Art Director.
• Susan Kerrigan & Michael Meany: Executive Producers

• King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Polygondwanaland.
• Joshua Ingle – Bus/Jogger Guy Themes.
• Kevin MacLeod – Blue Feather Reunited.
(licensed under CC BY 4.0)…
• Tchaikovsky – Waltz of the Flowers.
• JR Tundra – Remember Me.
• ALBIS -Lucky Shot.

—————-SPECIAL THANKS—————-
“Special thanks to: Suey from The Royal Hotel in Singleton, the Hurney and the Roots Family, Annette Hubber from Screen Hunter, Joshua Ingle for his custom music, George and Chris from ICT for the gear, & The School of Creative Industries, Bachelor of Communication.
“And finally a BIG THANK YOU to the actors. You know who you are, for going above and beyond to make this production what it is. First timer or not, cheers fam!”
~ The Crew.